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Preface: Welcome to Numbers ’09


Chapter 1: Numbers Tools and Techniques


Spreadsheet Templates


The Numbers Window

16 Zooming In or Out
16 The Sheets Pane

Print View


Full-Screen View


The Toolbar


The Format Bar

20 The Inspector Window
20 Formula Tools
22 The Styles Pane
23 The Media Browser
24 The Colors Window
25 The Fonts Window
26 The Warnings Window
27 Keyboard Shortcuts and Shortcut Menus


Chapter 2: Creating, Saving, and Organizing a Numbers Spreadsheet

28 Creating a New Spreadsheet
29 Importing a Document from Another Application
30 Using CSV or OFX Files in a Spreadsheet
30 Opening an Existing Spreadsheet

Password-Protecting a Spreadsheet

32 Saving a Spreadsheet

Undoing Changes


Locking a Spreadsheet So It Can’t Be Edited


Automatically Saving a Backup Version


Saving a Copy of a Spreadsheet


Finding an Archived Version of a Spreadsheet


Saving a Spreadsheet as a Template