Numbers - Reducing Image File Sizes

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Reducing Image File Sizes

If you resized or masked a very large image file, and you want to save the image file
as part of your Numbers spreadsheet (so that you can easily transfer it to another
computer), but you want to keep the document size to a minimum, you can choose to
save only the smaller (cropped or shrunk) version of the image in your spreadsheet.

Before you reduce the image file size, you must save your document. For details about
how to do this, see “Saving a Spreadsheet” on page 32.

Here are ways to reduce the size of images:
To reduce the file size of an individual image that you masked or resized to a smaller


size, select the image and choose Format > Image > Reduce Image File Size.
To reduce the file size of all masked and resized (shrunk) images, deselect all elements


on the sheet, and then choose File > Reduce File Size.


After you reduce the size of masked or shrunk image files, you won’t be

able to restore them to their original size. If you later want to restore their original size,
you must add the original image files to the document again.

Images used in image fills can’t be reduced in this way. Some types of image files also
may not be reducible.

To learn about reducing the size of audio and movie files, see “Reducing the Size of
Media Files” on page 212.