Numbers - Adding a Sound File

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Adding a Sound File

Here are ways to add sound to a spreadsheet:
Drag a sound file from the Finder anywhere onto a sheet or to a media placeholder.


Click Media in the toolbar, choose iTunes from the pop-up menu, select a playlist, and


then drag a file or playlist anywhere onto a sheet or to a media placeholder.

The sound file is represented on the sheet by a speaker icon.

Double-click the icon to play the sound file. To set up audio playback settings, see
“Adjusting Media Playback Settings” on page 211.

When you add media files, make sure that they will be available if you transfer your
document to another computer. When saving your document, select “Copy audio
and movies into document” in the Save window after you choose Save or Save As. (If
you don’t see the option, click the disclosure triangle next to the field, and then click
Advanced Options.)

Also note that some media files are protected under copyright law. Some
downloaded music may be played only on the computer where the download
occurred. Make sure the computer you are using has permission to play all the
media files included in your spreadsheet.