Numbers - Creating Your Own Alignment Guides

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Creating Your Own Alignment Guides

You can create static alignment guides to help you align objects on a sheet. These
alignment guides don’t appear and disappear as you drag objects but remain visible
while you’re working, even if you leave the sheet and then return to it later.

To create an alignment guide:


Click View in the toolbar, and then choose Show Rulers.

Note: Alignment guides can’t be created if you are editing text. Stop editing text by
selecting an object or clicking the sheet.


Place the pointer over a ruler and drag onto a sheet. An alignment guide appears.


Drag the guide where you want it on the sheet.


To remove an alignment guide that you’ve created, drag it off the edge of the sheet.

You can also specify x and y coordinates to place objects precisely. See “Positioning
Objects by x and y Coordinates” on page 217.