Numbers - Changing the Style of Borders

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Changing the Style of Borders

For shapes, chart elements, and text boxes, you can choose a line style and color for
the object’s border, or you can specify no border. You can also put a border around
imported images. To change the borders of tables and table cells, see “Formatting
Table Cell Borders.”

You can use the format bar to change the line style, line thickness, and line color of the
border around one or more selected objects.

Choose a line color.

Choose a line style.

Choose a line width.

You can use the Graphic inspector and the Colors window to make additional

To set the border style using the Graphic inspector:


Select the object that you want to modify.


Click Inspector in the toolbar, and then click the Graphic inspector button.


Choose Line from the Stroke pop-up menu.

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Choose a line style from the pop-up menu.

Enter the line thickness
in this field.
Choose line endpoints
from these pop-up menus.

Choose a solid line,

dotted line, dashed line,

or another line style.

Click the color well to
choose a line color.


To change the line thickness, type a value in the Stroke field (or click the arrows).


To change the line color, click the color well and select a color.


To give the line endpoints, such as arrowheads or circles, choose left and right

endpoints from the pop-up menus.