Numbers - Copying or Duplicating Objects

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Copying or Duplicating Objects

The technique you use to copy an object depends on where you want to place the
copy. When the copy will be placed far from the original or in another document,
copying and pasting is generally easier. When you’re working with an object that will
be placed near the original, duplicating is generally easier.

Here are ways to copy objects:
To copy and paste an object, select it, and then choose Edit > Copy. Click where you


want the copy to appear. Choose Edit > Paste.
To duplicate an object on a sheet, hold down the Option key while you drag the object.


You can also select the object and choose Edit > Duplicate. The copy appears on top of
the original, slightly offset. Drag the copy to the desired location.
To copy an image between Numbers documents, select the image and drag its icon


from the File Info field in the Metrics Inspector to a sheet in the other Numbers file.