Numbers - Editing Shapes

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Editing Shapes

You can manipulate and reshape the points and contours of a shape you’ve already
placed on a sheet. Before you can edit a shape in this way, you need to make it editable.

Here are ways to make shapes editable:
To make a predrawn shape editable, select the shape and then choose


Format > Shape > Make Editable.
Red points appear on the shape. Drag the points to edit the shape. Later, to edit a
predrawn shape that has been made editable, click it twice slowly.
To make a custom shape editable, click once in the shape to select it, and then click a


second time to show its editing points.

To learn how to

Go to

Change a shape’s contour by manipulating
its points

“Adding, Deleting, and Moving the Editing Points
on a Shape” on page 204

Expand or contract a curve or change its angle

“Reshaping a Curve” on page 204

Change the angle between two segments or
change the length of a segment

“Reshaping a Straight Segment” on page 205

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To learn how to

Go to

Change one or more points into curves or curves
into points

“Transforming Corner Points into Curved Points
and Vice Versa” on page 206

Change the corners of a rounded rectangle

“Editing a Rounded Rectangle” on page 206

Adjust the relative proportions of an arrow’s head
and tail

“Editing Single and Double Arrows” on page 206

Adjust the corners and other aspects of a quote
bubble or callout

“Editing a Quote Bubble or Callout” on page 207

Increase or decrease the number of points in
a star

“Editing a Star” on page 207

Increase or decrease the number of sides in a

“Editing a Polygon” on page 208

Manipulate color, border style, and other aspects
of a shape

“Manipulating, Arranging, and Changing the Look
of Objects” on page 212