Numbers - Presenting Text in Columns

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Presenting Text in Columns

You can organize text in a text box or in a rectangular shape into columns. When text
has filled one column, it flows into the next column.

Use the Columns pop-up menu in the format bar to quickly divide text into columns.

For more options, use the Text inspector.

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To create and format columns using the Text inspector:


Select the text box or rectangular shape with text you want to divide into columns.


Click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Text inspector button, and then click Columns.


To indicate how many columns you want, use the Column field.


To use equal-width columns, select “Equal column width.”

To set up different column widths, deselect “Equal column width,” double-click a
Column value in the table, and type a new width.


To change the distance between columns, double-click a Gutter value and change it.