Numbers - Adding Text Boxes

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Adding Text Boxes

You can add a text box to a sheet and drag to position it.

To create a text box:


Click Text Box in the toolbar (or choose Insert > Text Box).


In the text box that appears, double-click the text and type.

Text boxes automatically grow or shrink to accommodate the length of your text.


When you finish typing, click outside the text box. Or, to stop editing text and select

the text box, press Command-Return.


Drag the handles on the text box to change its width.


Drag the text box to position it on the sheet.

You can’t make a text box taller by dragging up or down. However, you can force
the box to grow vertically by dragging the selection handles inward to make the
box narrower.

You can also draw a text box. Option-click Text Box in the toolbar, and drag the pointer
across the spreadsheet window to create a text box that’s the size you want.