Numbers - Linking to a Preaddressed Email Message

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Linking to a Preaddressed Email Message

You can add a hyperlink that you can click to create a preaddressed email message in
your default mail application.

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To add hypertext that links to an email message:


Select the text that you want to turn into a hyperlink.

If you include an email address in a spreadsheet, the text automatically becomes a
hyperlink. To turn off this feature, choose Numbers > Preferences, click Auto-Correction,
and then deselect “Automatically detect email and web addresses.” This setting is
computer specific, so if the spreadsheet is edited on a computer with a different
setting, that computer’s setting is used instead.


Click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Hyperlink inspector button, and then select

“Enable as a hyperlink.”


Choose Email Message from the Link To pop-up menu.


Type the email address of the intended recipient in the To field.


Optionally type a subject line in the Subject field.

Type the email address of
the message recipient.
Type the message subject.

You can also quickly create a hyperlink using the Insert menu. Place an insertion point
somewhere in your spreadsheet, and choose Insert > Hyperlink > Email Message.
A link is added to your spreadsheet and the Hyperlink inspector opens. Type the email
address in the To field.