Numbers - Setting the Spacing Between Lines of Text

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Setting the Spacing Between Lines of Text

You can increase or decrease the distance between lines of text.

Use the Line Spacing control in the format bar to quickly change the distance between
lines of selected text. To adjust line spacing before you start typing, click the Line
Spacing control in the format bar and then type.

Click to change the amount of
space between lines of text.

To adjust spacing using the Text inspector:


Select the text you want to change.


Click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Text button, and then click Text.


Move the Line slider left to decrease spacing or right to increase it.

To specify a precise line spacing value, type a point value in the Line field, or click the
up or down arrow next to the field.

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Choose a line spacing option from the Line spacing pop-up menu that appears when

you click the text below the line field.

Line spacing pop-up menu
Click the text below the Line field
and choose a line spacing option.

Line field
Type a value (or click the arrows) to specify the
space between lines of text in a paragraph.

Standard line spacing (Single, Double, Multiple): The space between lines is
proportional to font size. Use this when the relative distance between ascenders
(parts of letters that extend to the top of the line) and descenders (parts of letters that
extend below the line) should remain fixed. Single sets line spacing to single-spaced,
and Double sets it to double-spaced. Multiple lets you set line spacing values between
single and double, or greater than double.
At Least: The distance from one line to the next will never be less than the value you
set, but it may be larger for larger fonts to prevent overlapping text lines. Use this
when the distance between lines should remain fixed, but overlap is not desired if the
text gets large.
Exactly: The distance between the baselines.
Between: The value you set increases the space between the lines, instead of
increasing the height of the lines. By contrast, double-spacing doubles the height of
each line.