Numbers - Setting a New Tab Stop

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Setting a New Tab Stop

You can use the horizontal ruler to add a new tab stop.

If the horizontal ruler is hidden, click View in the toolbar and choose Show Rulers. To
learn about adjusting your ruler preferences see “Changing Ruler Settings” on page 179.

Blue tab symbols appear on
the horizontal ruler when you
select tabbed text.

Decimal tab

Right tab

Center tab

Left tab

To create a new tab stop:
To create a new tab, click the horizontal ruler to place a tab symbol where you want to


set the tab stop, and then Control-click the tab symbol. Choose an alignment option
from the shortcut menu:

Choose from among
these tab types.

Left Tab: Aligns the left side of text with the tab stop.
Center Tab: Places the center of text at the tab stop.
Right Tab: Aligns the right side of text with the tab stop.
Decimal Tab: For numbers, aligns the decimal character (such as a period or comma)
with the tab stop.
You can also double-click the tab symbol repeatedly until the type of tab you
want appears.


Chapter 8

Working with Text

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Chapter 8

Working with Text