Numbers - Making Text Subscript or Superscript

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Making Text Subscript or Superscript

You can raise or lower text from its baseline.

To make text subscript or superscript:


Select the text you want to raise or lower, or click where you want to type new text.


To create a subscript or superscript that has a smaller font size than the text it

accompanies, choose Format > Font > Baseline > Subscript. Or choose Format > Font
> Baseline > Superscript.
To raise or lower text relative to the other text on the same line, choose Raise or Lower
from the Baseline submenu.
To restore text to the same baseline as the body text, choose Use Default from the
Baseline submenu.

You can add Subscript and Superscript icons to the toolbar. Choose View > Customize
Toolbar, drag the icons to the toolbar, and then click Done.