Numbers - Formatting Text Size and Appearance

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Formatting Text Size and Appearance

You can format text using the format bar, the Numbers menus, the Text inspector, and
the Fonts window.

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To learn how to

Go to

Change text appearance

“Making Text Bold, Italic, or Underlined” on
page 166
“Adding Shadow and Strikethrough to Text” on
page 167
“Creating Outlined Text” on page 167
“Changing Text Size” on page 167
“Making Text Subscript or Superscript” on
page 168
“Changing Text Capitalization” on page 168
“Changing Fonts” on page 168
“Adjusting Font Smoothing” on page 169

Add accent marks, view international keyboard
layouts, and more

“To smooth the fonts on your screen:” on
page 169
“Adding Accent Marks” on page 170
“Typing Special Characters and Symbols” on
page 171
“Using Smart Quotes” on page 172

Adjust tracking, ligatures, baseline, and

“Using Advanced Typography Features” on
page 172