Numbers - Generating Lists Automatically

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Generating Lists Automatically

When you use automatic list generation, Numbers automatically formats a list for you
based on what you type. To use this feature, first choose Numbers > Preferences, click
Auto-Correction, and make sure that “Automatically detect lists” is selected.

To create a list automatically:


Place the insertion point where you want the list to begin.


Create a list by doing one of the following:

To create a bulleted list, press Option-8 to type a bullet (•), type an asterisk (*), or


type a hyphen (-). Then type a space followed by some text, and press Return. To
learn how to format your bulleted list see “Formatting Bulleted Lists” on page 181.
To create a list with labels that are numbers, letters, or Roman numerals, type the


number, letter, or Roman numeral; a period; a space; and then some text. Then
press Return. To learn how to format your numbered or ordered list see “Formatting
Numbered Lists” on page 182 and “Formatting Ordered Lists” on page 183.


Continue to build your list by doing any of the following:

To add a new topic at the current indent level, press Return.


To move a list topic at the next lower indent level, press Tab. To move a list topic at


the next higher level, press Shift-Tab.


To end your list, press Return twice, or press Return and then press Delete.

Note: If you’re working in a table cell and “Return key moves to next cell” is selected in
the Table inspector, press Option-Return instead of Return.