Numbers - Adding Shadows to Pie Charts and Wedges

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Adding Shadows to Pie Charts and Wedges

You can put shadows on individual pie wedges or on the pie as a whole. Putting
shadows on individual wedges makes it look as if the wedges are on different layers, so
when you add a shadow to a pie wedge, it’s generally a good idea to separate it first.
See “Separating Individual Wedges from a Pie Chart” on page 157 for instructions.

To add shadows:


Select the chart or individual pie wedges. Click Inspector in the toolbar, and then click

the Chart inspector button. Do one of the following:

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To add shadows to individually selected wedges, choose Individual from the


Shadow pop-up menu.
To add a shadow to the chart as a whole, choose Group from the Shadow


pop-up menu.

You can also use the Shadow pop-up menu in the format bar.


To set shadow attributes, use the Graphic inspector. See “Adding Shadows” on

page 223 for instructions.