Numbers - Adjusting Scene Settings for 3D Charts

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Adjusting Scene Settings for 3D Charts

For 3D charts, you can change the viewing angle by dragging the arrowheads that
appear when you select the chart.

The Chart inspector provides additional controls.


Chapter 7

Creating Charts from Data

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Chapter 7

Creating Charts from Data


To adjust 3D scene settings using the Chart inspector:


Select a 3D chart, click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Chart inspector button, and

then click Chart.


To change the chart’s viewing angle, drag an arrowhead in the blue arrow button until

you’ve situated the chart the way you want.


To change the lighting angle and intensity, select an option from the Lighting Style

pop-up menu that creates the look you want.


To change the depth of the chart elements, drag the Chart Depth slider. Dragging to

the right makes the chart elements appear to stretch out toward the viewer.


To enhance the edges on a 3D pie chart, select Show Bevel Edges.


To change the shape of the bars in 3D column and bar charts, use the Bar Shape pop-

up menu.

To learn about other formatting options, see “Formatting Charts” on page 143.

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Add and modify the appearance of text, including text in

lists, text boxes, table cells, and shapes.

Adding Text

Add text by typing it in a table cell, text box, or shape.

To learn how to

Go to

Create a text box and add text to it

“Adding Text Boxes” on page 185

Add text to a shape

“Putting Text Inside a Shape” on page 186

Work with text in table cells

“Adding and Editing Table Cell Values” on page 78
“Working with Text in Table Cells” on page 79
“Using the Text Format in Table Cells” on page 99

Customize your text

“Selecting Text” on page 164
“Deleting, Copying, and Pasting Text” on page 165
“Formatting Text Size and Appearance” on
page 165
“Setting Text Alignment, Spacing, and Color” on
page 172
“Creating Lists” on page 180

Selecting Text

Before you format or perform other operations on text, you need to select the text you
want to work with.

Here are ways to select text:
To select one or more characters, click in front of the first character and drag across the


characters you want to select.
To select a word, double-click the word.