Numbers - Formatting Charts

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Formatting Charts

Every chart you create has an associated title, chart legend, and labels that you can
choose to show or hide or whose look or placement you can change. You can also
change the chart colors and textures, the axis scales and tick marks, and the data point
labels within the chart. You can rotate 2D charts and adjust the angle and lighting
style used in 3D charts.

To learn how to

Go to

Format a chart’s title, labels, and legend

“Placing and Formatting a Chart’s Title and
Legend” on page 144
“Formatting the Text of Chart Titles, Labels, and
Legends” on page 153

Change a chart’s size and orientation

“Resizing or Rotating a Chart” on page 144

Change a chart’s scale, axis marking, and labels

“Formatting Chart Axes” on page 145

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To learn how to

Go to

Change the chart’s color, texture, shadow, and
other image qualities

“Formatting the Elements in a Chart’s Data
Series” on page 148

Show special elements in charts

“Showing Error Bars in Charts” on page 151
“Showing Trendiness in Charts” on page 152

Format pie charts, bar charts, and other specific
chart types

“Formatting Specific Chart Types” on page 154