Numbers - Performing Instant Calculations

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“Performing Instant Calculations” on page 119

Quickly add a formula that displays the sum,
average, minimum value, maximum value, count,
or product of values in selected cells

“Using Predefined Quick Formulas” on page 120

Use tools and techniques to create and modify
your formulas

“Adding and Editing Formulas Using the Formula
Editor” on page 122
“Adding and Editing Formulas Using the Formula
Bar” on page 123
“Adding Functions to Formulas” on page 124
“Removing Formulas” on page 126

Use the hundreds of iWork functions and review
examples illustrating ways to apply the functions
in financial, engineering, statistical, and other

Help > “iWork Formulas and Functions Help”
Help > “iWork Formulas and Functions User

Add cell references of different kinds to a formula “Referring to Cells in Formulas” on page 126

“Using the Keyboard and Mouse to Create and
Edit Formulas” on page 128
“Distinguishing Absolute and Relative Cell
References” on page 129

Use operators in formulas

“The Arithmetic Operators” on page 130
“The Comparison Operators” on page 130

Copy or move formulas or the value they
compute among table cells

“Copying or Moving Formulas and Their
Computed Values” on page 131

Find formulas and elements in them

“Viewing All Formulas in a Spreadsheet” on
page 132
“Finding and Replacing Formula Elements” on
page 132

Performing Instant Calculations

In the lower left of the Numbers window, you can view the results of common
calculations using values in two or more selected table cells.

To perform instant calculations:


Select two or more cells in a table. They don’t have to be adjacent.

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The results of calculations using the values in those cells are instantly displayed in the
lower left corner of the window.

The results in the lower left are
based on values in these two
selected cells.

sum: Shows the sum of numeric values in selected cells.
avg: Shows the average of numeric values in selected cells.
min: Shows the smallest numeric value in selected cells.
max: Shows the largest numeric value in selected cells.
count: Shows the number of numeric values and date/time values in selected cells.
Empty cells and cells that contain types of values not listed above aren’t used in
the calculations.


To perform another set of instant calculations, select different cells.

If you find a particular calculation very useful and you want to incorporate it into a
table, you can add it as a formula to an empty table cell. Simply drag sum, avg, or one
of the other items in the lower left to an empty cell. The cell doesn’t have to be in the
same table as the cells used in the calculations.