Numbers - Creating New Table Styles

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Creating New Table Styles

You can create a new table style by reformatting a table and saving the formatting as
a table style.

To create a new table style:


Use the instructions in “Modifying Table Style Attributes” on page 115 to achieve the

visual effects you want.


Chapter 5

Working with Table Styles

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Chapter 5

Working with Table Styles



Select the table, click the arrow to the right of any style in the Styles pane, and then

choose Create New Style.


Type a unique name for your new table style, and click OK.

The new table style now appears in the Styles pane and can be applied to any table in
your spreadsheet.

To make a new table style available in other spreadsheets, create a template from the
spreadsheet. See “Saving a Spreadsheet as a Template” on page 38 for details.