Numbers - Defining the Decimals Element of a Custom Number Format

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Defining the Decimals Element of a Custom Number Format

The Decimals element lets you customize the appearance of decimal digits in a table
cell. Decimal digits are numbers that appear to the right of a decimal point.

After adding a Decimals element to a custom number format, you select it, click its
disclosure triangle, and then use the options in its pop-up menu to customize the
element’s display attributes.

See “Creating a Custom Number Format” on page 102 to learn how to add a
Decimals element.

Here are ways to use the Decimal element’s pop-up menu:
To display decimal digits as numbers, choose Decimals.


To represent unused decimal digits when their number is fewer than a particular
number of digits, choose Show Trailing Zeros or “Use Spaces for Trailing Zeros.” Then
increase or decrease the number of zeros or hyphens displayed in the format field;
choose Add Digit, Remove Digit, or “Number of Digits” from the pop-up menu, or use
the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key to set the number of digits.
If more decimal digits than the number you specify are entered into a table cell,
they’re rounded to match your number of digits.
To display decimal digits as a fraction, choose Fractions.


To specify a fractional unit (for example, Quarters), click the element’s disclosure
triangle again and choose an option from the pop-up menu.
To avoid displaying decimal digits when they’re entered into a table cell, don’t add the


Decimals element to the format field.
Displayed values are rounded to the nearest integer when decimal values are
entered into a cell.

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When you choose

This number

Is displayed like this

Decimals and Show Trailing
Zeros and set “Number of Digits”
to 6



Fractions and select the “Up to
two digits (23/24)” option


100 39/40
A space is displayed between
the integer and the fraction
when you add a Spaces element
between Integers and Decimals
elements in the format field.

Fractions and select the
Quarters option


100 1/4