Numbers - Using the Numeral System Format in Table Cells

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Using the Numeral System Format in Table Cells

Use the numeral system format to represent numbers using the conventions of
numeral systems from base 2 to base 36. When you use the Base 2, 8, or 16 format,
you can display negative values by preceding them with a minus sign or in two’s
complement notation; negative values in all other bases are displayed using the
minus sign.

In this numeral system 100 displays like this

–100 displays like this
if Minus Sign is used

–100 displays like this
if Two’s-Complement
is used

Base 2




Base 8




Base 10




Base 16




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To define a numeral system format, select one or more cells, choose Numeral System
from the Cell Formats pop-up menu in the format bar, and then use the Cells inspector
to specify the format.

To define a numeral system format for selected cells using the Cells inspector:


Select the cell or cells.


If the Cells inspector isn’t already open, click Inspector in the toolbar and then click the

Cells inspector button.


Choose Numeral System from the Cell Format pop-up menu.


Use the Base field to specify the base value of the numerical system you want to use.


Use the Places field to specify the total number of digits to display.


If you selected Base 2, 8, or 16, select an option for displaying negative values.

Minus Sign: Displays negative values with a leading minus sign.
Two’s-Complement: Displays negative values using two’s-complement notation.
Negative values in all the other numerical systems are always displayed using a
leading minus sign.