Numbers - Enhancing the Appearance of Tables

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Enhancing the Appearance of Tables

You can apply color, use images, and use other formatting techniques to enhance the
visual appeal of your tables.

Here are ways to enhance a table’s appearance:
You can fill the background of an entire table or individual cells with different kinds of


color effects or with an image. See “Filling Objects with Colors or Images” on page 225
for instructions.
You can change the thickness and color of borders around a table and its cells, as


“Formatting Table Cell Borders” on page 87 describes.
You can adjust the attributes of text in table cells, including header and footer cells.


See “Formatting Text Size and Appearance” on page 165 and “Setting Text Alignment,
Spacing, and Color” on page 172 for details.

When you’ve created a visual effect that you want to reuse, you can copy and paste it;
select the table or cells whose effects you want to reuse, choose Format > Copy Style,
select the table or cells you want to format, and then choose Format > Paste Style. You
can also use table styles to replicate formatting you’ve applied to a table, as “Using
Table Styles” on page 114 describes.