Numbers - Sorting Rows in a Table

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Sorting Rows in a Table

You can arrange values in some or all the cells in a column in ascending or descending
order. Rows containing cells being sorted are reordered. Header cells aren’t sorted.

Sorting takes into account values in hidden rows and hidden columns.

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Here are ways to sort:
To sort an entire table by reordering cells in a column, choose Sort Ascending or Sort


Descending from the pop-up menu for the column’s reference tab.
You can also click in a table and then click Reorganize in the toolbar or choose Show
More Options from a reference tab’s pop-up menu to open the Reorganize window.
Click the Sort disclosure triangle to reveal the sort controls. Choose “Sort entire table”
from the pop-up menu, and then choose a column and sort order from the other pop-
up menus.

To sort only part of a table, select the rows you’d like to sort, open the Reorganize


window, and choose “Sort selected rows” from the pop-up menu. Then choose a
column to sort by and a sort order from the other pop-up menus.
To re-sort values after changing them, open the Reorganize window and click Sort Now.


To sort the table by one column and then by another column, open the Reorganize


window and choose an option from the three pop-up menus. Then click the Add
button (+) and choose options for the second sort.
To apply additional sort criteria, click the Add button (+) again.

The following table describes how different types of data are sorted in ascending or
descending order.

Type of data

Ascending order

Descending order





Year (earliest first), then month
(January first), then day (1–31)

Year (most current first), then
month (December first), then
day (31–1)


–2, –1, 0, 1, and so on

1, 0, –1, –2, and so on

Cells containing only text,
mixed with cells containing
only numbers

–2, –1, 0, 1, and so on, then

Zz–Aa, then 1, 0, –1, –2, and so

Cells containing a mixture of
text and numbers

Values starting with numbers
first (1z, 1Z, a1, A1)

Values starting with text first
(A1, a1, 1A, 1z)

Empty cells

At the bottom

At the bottom

Boolean (TRUE, FALSE)

Below text and above an empty

Above text


Chapter 3

Using Tables

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Chapter 3

Using Tables