Numbers - Rearranging Rows and Columns

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Rearranging Rows and Columns

Using a row’s or column’s reference tab, you can move or copy the row or column to a
different location in the same table or another table.

Here are ways to rearrange rows and columns:
To move a column or row to a different location in the same table or a different table,


click the column or row reference tab, press, and then drag the reference tab. Release
the tab when the bold line highlights where you want to insert the column or row.
To insert a copy of a row or column elsewhere in the table or in another table, click


the reference tab, and then press and hold down the Option key and the reference tab
while you drag the column or row to the desired location.
You can also copy or move a single cell or a group of adjacent cells within or between
tables. See “Copying and Moving Cells” on page 88 for instructions.