Numbers - Filtering Rows in a Table

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Filtering Rows in a Table

You can hide rows in a table that don’t contain the values you specify.

When you sort table cells, values in hidden rows are taken into account.

To specify criteria for rows you want to show:


Click in the table.


Click Reorganize in the toolbar or choose Show More Options from a reference tab’s

pop-up menu to open the Reorganize window.


Click the Filter disclosure triangle to reveal the filtering controls.


Choose the column whose values you want to use to create filter criteria.


Use the remaining controls to define the column value for rows you want to show.


To use additional filter criteria, click the Add button (+) to define each one you want

to add.
If you choose “is in the top n values” or “is in the bottom n values,” all values matching
the top or bottom n will be shown, which may be more than n.

Note: You can’t add any new rows to the table until you stop filtering rows. To stop
filtering rows in the table, deselect “Show rows that match the following” in the
Reorganize window.