Numbers - Removing Table Categories and Subcategories

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Removing Table Categories and Subcategories

You can remove categories and subcategories temporarily, or you can discontinue
using them altogether.

Here are ways to uncategorize rows:
To temporarily uncategorize all the rows in a table, click in the table and then click


Reorganize in the toolbar, or choose Show More Options from a reference tab’s pop-up
menu to open the Reorganize window. Deselect “Insert Categories from the following.”
To restore categorizing, select “Insert Categories from the following.”
You can also choose Table > Disable All Categories. To restore categories, choose Table
> Enable All Categories.
To discontinue categorizing a table, in the Reorganize window click the Delete (–)


button adjacent to each category and subcategory.
You can also click the cell reference pop-up menu for a category row at the topmost
level and choose Delete Categories.
To stop using a particular column as a category value column, in the Reorganize


window click the Delete (–) button adjacent to the column.
You can also choose Delete Categories from the column’s reference tab pop-up menu.