Numbers - Setting Page Margins

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Setting Page Margins

In Print View, every sheet’s page has margins (blank space between the sheet’s edge
and the edges of the paper). These margins are indicated onscreen by light gray lines,
visible when you use layout view.

To set the page margins for a sheet:


Select the sheet in the Sheets pane.


Click View in the toolbar and choose Show Print View, and then click View in the

toolbar and choose Show Layout.


Click Inspector in the toolbar, and then click the Sheet inspector button.


To set the distance between the layout margins and the left, right, top, and bottom

sides of a page, enter values in the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom fields.


To set the distance between a header or a footer and the top or bottom edge of the

page, enter values in the Header and Footer fields.

To print the spreadsheet using the largest printing area possible with any printer you
use, select Use Printer Margins. Any margin settings specified in the Sheet inspector
are ignored when you print.


Chapter 2

Creating, Saving, and Organizing a Numbers Spreadsheet

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This chapter explains how to add and format tables and their

rows and columns.

Several other chapters provide instructions that focus on particular aspects of tables.

To learn how to

Go to

Manage table cells and content in them

Chapter 4, “Working with Table Cells,” on page 78

Use table styles to format tables

Chapter 5, “Working with Table Styles,” on
page 114

Use formulas in table cells

Chapter 6, “Using Formulas in Tables,” on page 118

Display table cell values in charts

Chapter 7, “Creating Charts from Data,” on
page 134

Working with Tables

Use a variety of techniques to create tables and manage their characteristics, size,
and location.

To learn how to

Go to

Insert tables

“Adding a Table” on page 48

Use table tools

“Using Table Tools” on page 48

Make tables larger or smaller

“Resizing a Table” on page 51

Relocate tables

“Moving Tables” on page 52

Assign names to tables

“Naming Tables” on page 52

Apply color and other visual effects to tables

“Enhancing the Appearance of Tables” on page 53

Define tables you can use again and again

“Defining Reusable Tables” on page 53

Share tables among iWork applications

“Copying Tables Among iWork Applications” on
page 54