Numbers - Creating a New Spreadsheet

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a Numbers Spreadsheet

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Chapter 2

Creating, Saving, and Organizing a Numbers Spreadsheet



In the Template Chooser window, select a template category in the left column

to display related templates, and then select the template that best matches the
spreadsheet you want to create. If you want to begin in a spreadsheet without any
predefined content, select Blank.

You can skim the contents of a template by moving the pointer left and right over
its icon. To change the size of the template icons, drag the slider at the bottom of
the window.


After selecting a template, click Choose. A new spreadsheet opens on your screen.

You can set Numbers to automatically open a particular template every time you open
Numbers or create a new spreadsheet. Choose Numbers > Preferences, click General,
select “For New Documents: Use template:”, and then click Choose. Select a template
name, and then click Choose.

Each time the Template Chooser opens, the previously selected template category and
template are selected.