Numbers - Saving a Custom Template

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Saving a Custom Template

You can save your new template so that it appears in the Template Chooser.

To save a custom template:


Choose File > “Save as Template.”


Type a name for the template.


Make sure the folder named My Templates appears in the Where pop-up menu of the

Save window.
The template is saved in your home folder in the following subfolder structure: Library/
Application Support/iWork/Numbers/Templates/My Templates/. It appears in the My
Templates pane of the Template Chooser.


Click Save.

To delete a custom template, in the Finder navigate to the folder in which you saved
the template, and drag the template to the Trash.

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2-axis charts 161


absolute cell references 129
Address Book

adding Address Book data to a new table 234
adding Address Book data to an existing

table 234

adding vCard data to a new table 234
adding vCard data to an existing table 234
mapping column names to field names 231

Adjust Image window 199
alignment guides

creating your own 217
using 216

area charts 160
arithmetic operators 130
arrow shapes 206
audio. See sound
autofilling 81
automatic cell format 91


bar charts 158

around objects 221
of table cells 87


calculations, instant 119
categories and subcategories

category rows 69
category value columns 69
creating 70
displaying calculated values 75
managing 75
moving rows among 75
moving up or down levels 75
removing 75

category axis 145
cell controls 99
cell formats 89
cell references

distinguishing absolute and relative 129
inserting into formulas 128

Cells inspector 49

about 134
adding more data 140
changing plotting orientation 140
changing the type 138
creating from table data 137
customizing 2-axis and mixed charts 161
customizing area charts 160
customizing bar and column charts 158
customizing line charts 159
customizing pie charts 154
deleting 143
formatting axes 145
formatting elements in a data series 148
formatting text of titles, labels, and legends 153
formatting title and legend 144
including hidden table data 141
linking to from Pages and Keynote 143
moving 139
removing data from 142
replacing or reordering data series 141
resizing or rotating 144
showing error bars 151
showing trendlines 152
using scatter charts 160

checkboxes. See cell controls
clipping 82
Colors window 24
column charts 158

adding 61
deleting 61
hiding 66
rearranging 61
resizing 65
See also tables

comments in table cells 89
comparison operators 130
conditional formatting

changing and managing 85