Numbers - Defining Default Attributes for Charts

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Defining Default Attributes for Charts

You can set the default appearance of each chart type. Default attributes must be set
individually for each chart type.

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To set default chart attributes:


Place a chart on the sheet by clicking Charts in the toolbar and choosing a chart type.


Select the chart, and then set its attributes.

To resize a chart, rotate it, and set other attributes that charts have in common, see
“Formatting Charts” on page 143.
To learn how to format pie charts, bar charts, and other specific chart types, see
“Formatting Specific Chart Types” on page 154.


Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each chart type for which you want to define

default attributes.


Select a chart, and then choose Format > Advanced > Define Default Style for

chart type.
Repeat this action for each chart you’re setting up.


Delete the charts from the spreadsheet.