Numbers - Creating Media Placeholders for a Custom Template

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Creating Media Placeholders for a Custom Template

When you drag your own image, movie, or audio file to a media placeholder, your
media is automatically sized and positioned for you. You can easily replace media in
the media placeholder by dragging a new file to it; you don’t have to delete the old
file first.

To create a media placeholder:


Add an image, audio file, or movie to the spreadsheet.

See “Working with Images” on page 194, “Adding a Sound File” on page 209, and
“Adding a Movie File” on page 210 for instructions.


Select the imported object and move it where you want it in the spreadsheet, as

“Moving and Positioning Objects” on page 214 describes.


Format the imported object, as “Manipulating, Arranging, and Changing the Look of

Objects” on page 212 describes.


Select the object, and then choose Format > Advanced > “Define as Media Placeholder.”

To delete a media placeholder, select it, and then press the Delete key.