Numbers - Sending a Spreadsheet to iWeb

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Sending a Spreadsheet to iWeb

If you use (or intend to use) iWeb to create a website, you can send a Numbers
spreadsheet directly to your iWeb blog or podcast. The spreadsheet becomes an
attachment that your website visitors can download.

To send a spreadsheet to iWeb:


Make sure you have iWeb ’08 or later installed.


Open your Numbers spreadsheet, and then choose Share > “Send to iWeb” and then

choose Numbers or PDF from the submenu.
Numbers: Creates an archive version of your spreadsheet. If the spreadsheet is
password-protected, the password settings are retained.
PDF: Creates a PDF version.


If iWeb wasn’t open, it opens, and you can choose a new or existing blog or podcast

to attach your spreadsheet to. If you have only one blog or podcast, the spreadsheet is
attached to it.

When you publish your website, visitors who subscribe to your blog or podcast
automatically get the latest attachments sent to their iTunes library (PDF publish only).

For more information about using iWeb to design and publish webpages, open iWeb
and choose Help > iWeb Help.


Chapter 11

Sharing Your Numbers Spreadsheet

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Chapter 11

Sharing Your Numbers Spreadsheet