Numbers - Exporting a Spreadsheet in PDF Format

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Exporting a Spreadsheet in PDF Format

PDF files can be viewed or printed in Preview, viewed or printed in Safari, and edited
with a PDF application.

To create a PDF file of your spreadsheet:


Choose Share > Export.


Click PDF.


Choose an image resolution from the Image Quality pop-up menu.

Good: Images are downsampled to 72 dpi.
Better: Images are downsampled to 150 dpi.
Best: Images aren’t scaled down.


Choose which sheets to export from the Layout pop-up menu.

Sheet View: Exports each sheet to a single page in the PDF.
Page View: Exports the selected sheet using the pagination currently configured in
Print View. To learn about Print View, see “Dividing a Sheet into Pages” on page 42.


Click the Security Options disclosure triangle to password-protect the PDF.

Passwords are limited to 32 ASCII characters. Select one or more of the following options.
Open Document: Specify a password required to open the PDF.
Print document: Require a password to print the PDF. If you select this option, also
select Open Document and specify a password.
Copy content from the document: Specify a password required to copy content from
the PDF.


Click Next to specify a name and location for the PDF.


Click Export to create the PDF.