Numbers - Exporting a Spreadsheet in Excel Format

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Exporting a Spreadsheet in Excel Format

Files in Excel format can be opened and edited in Microsoft Excel on a Mac OS X
computer or on a Windows computer.

Each table is converted to an Excel worksheet, and all other objects are placed on
separate worksheets if there’s more than one table.

Here are ways to create an Excel version of your spreadsheet:
Choose Share > Export, and then click Excel.


Select Summary if you don’t want a summary worksheet included for multi-worksheet
exports. Select Next to specify a name and location for the file, and then click Export to
create it.
Choose File > Save As, select “Save copy as,” and choose Excel Document from the


pop-up menu. See “Saving a Spreadsheet” on page 32 to learn about the other options
available when using this approach.

Some of the formula calculations may differ in Excel.