Numbers - Adding Address Book Data to an Existing Table

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Adding Address Book Data to an Existing Table

You can add data from Address Book or from a vCard to an existing table if the table’s
header row contains names that match the field names listed in “Mapping Column
Names to Address Book Field Names” on page 231.

To add contact data to an existing table:


Identify the Address Book or vCard fields whose values you want to copy into the table.


Make sure the table has a header row whose cells contain supported Address Book or

vCard field names.
Data in fields that can’t be mapped to a header row cell won’t be added to the table.


In Address Book, select one or more contacts or groups and drag them to the table.

You can also drag one or more vCards to the table.

If necessary to accommodate all the data, rows are added.

If a contact’s data already exists in the table, another row for the contact is still
added. You can detect duplicate rows using sorting, as “Sorting Rows in a Table” on
page 67 describes.