Numbers - Adding Address Book Data to a New Table

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Adding Address Book Data to a New Table

You can use data from Address Book or from a vCard to create a new table that
contains a row for individual contacts.

Here are ways to create a new table that contains contact data:
In Address Book, select one or more cards or a group and drag the selection to


the canvas.
Drag one or more vCards to the canvas.



Chapter 10

Adding Address Book Data to a Table

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Chapter 10

Adding Address Book Data to a Table


The table contains a column for each Address Book or vCard field named, as “Mapping
Column Names to Address Book Field Names” on page 231 describes. However, only
fields named Last name, First name, Phone, and Email are initially visible; the other
columns are hidden. To view the hidden columns, choose Table > Unhide All Columns.
You can delete or rename columns as required.

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This chapter describes the various ways you can distribute

your Numbers spreadsheet so others can access it.

In addition to printing or faxing your spreadsheet, you can share your spreadsheet
electronically. By exporting to other document formats, you can collaborate with
others who use Excel and other applications. You can also share spreadsheets on the
web and using Mail.

Printing a Spreadsheet

You can use Print View to lay out objects on your sheets across pages before printing.
See “Dividing a Sheet into Pages” on page 42 for instructions. Use the Sheets inspector
to set up page attributes such as page orientation and margins.

To print:


Choose File > Print.


Choose the printer you want to use from the Printer pop-up menu.


Type the number of copies you want to print in the Copies field, and then select

Collated if you want each group of pages to print together in order before printing the
next group. If you want to print a batch of page 1, then page 2, then page 3, and so on,
deselect Collated.


Indicate which sheets you want to print:

All sheets: Prints all the sheets in your spreadsheet.
Current Sheet: Prints only the sheet selected when you opened the print window.


To print a list of all formulas in the spreadsheet, select “Include a list of all formulas in

the document.”


Click Print.

To learn about additional print settings, click the Help button in the print window.