Numbers - The Numbers Window

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Sheets pane: This pane, in the upper left, lists the tables and charts on each sheet in
the spreadsheet. Sheets organize your information into groups of related items (for
example, data for 2008 and data for 2009). Drag the Sheets resize control, located at
the top right of the Sheets pane, left or right to make the pane wider or narrower.


Chapter 1

Numbers Tools and Techniques

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Chapter 1

Numbers Tools and Techniques


Toolbar: Located at the top of the window, the toolbar gives you one-click access
to commonly used tools. Use it to quickly add a sheet, table, text box, media file, and
other objects.
Format bar: Below the toolbar, the format bar provides convenient access to tools for
editing a selected object.
Formula bar: Below the format bar, the formula bar lets you create and edit formulas
or other content in a selected table cell.
Sheet canvas: The main part of the window, the sheet canvas shows objects on a
selected sheet. You can drag tables, charts, and other objects on the sheet canvas to
rearrange them.
Styles pane: Below the Sheets pane, the Styles pane lists table styles predesigned for
the template you’re using. Select a table, and click a table style to instantly change the
table’s appearance. Drag the Styles resize control, located at the top right of the Styles
pane, up or down to enlarge or shrink the pane.
Instant calculation results: Below the Styles pane is an area that displays the results of
calculations for values in selected table cells.

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Tools for working with formulas in table cells

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Tools that enhance the appearance of a

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Keyboard shortcuts

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