Numbers - The Inspector Window

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The Inspector Window

Most elements of your spreadsheet can be formatted using the Numbers inspectors.
Each inspector focuses on a different aspect of formatting. For example, the Cells
inspector lets you format cells and cell values. Hold your pointer over buttons and
other controls in the inspector panes to see a description of what the controls do.

The buttons at the top of the
inspector window open the
ten inspectors: Document,
Sheet, Table, Cells, Chart, Text,
Graphic, Metrics, Hyperlink,
and QuickTime.

Opening multiple inspector windows can make it easier to work on your spreadsheet.
For example, you can open both the Graphic inspector and the Cells inspector to have
access to all the image- and cell-formatting options.

After an inspector window is open, click any of the buttons at the top to display a
different inspector. Clicking the second button from the left, for example, displays the
Sheet inspector.

Here are ways to open an inspector window:
Click Inspector in the toolbar.


Choose View > Show Inspector.


To open another Inspector window, choose View > New Inspector.