Numbers - Keyboard Shortcuts and Shortcut Menus

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Keyboard Shortcuts and Shortcut Menus

You can use the keyboard to perform many Numbers tasks. To see a comprehensive
list of keyboard shortcuts, open Numbers and choose Help > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Many objects also have shortcut menus with commands you can use on the object.
Shortcut menus are especially useful for working with tables and charts.

To open a shortcut menu:
Press the Control key while you click an object.


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This chapter describes how to manage Numbers spreadsheets.

You can create a Numbers spreadsheet by opening Numbers and choosing a
template. You can also import a document created in another application, such as
Microsoft Excel or AppleWorks 6, or create a spreadsheet using a CSV
(comma-separated value) file.

This chapter explains how to create new Numbers spreadsheets, as well as how to
open existing spreadsheets and save spreadsheets.

This chapter also provides instructions for organizing spreadsheets into sheets and for
organizing them into pages when you print them or create PDFs.

Creating a New Spreadsheet

To create a new Numbers spreadsheet, you pick the template that provides
appropriate formatting and content characteristics.

Start with the Blank template to build your spreadsheet from scratch. Or select one of
the many other templates to get a head start creating a budget, planning a party, and
more using predefined tables, charts, and sample data.

To create a new spreadsheet:


Open Numbers by clicking its icon in the Dock or by double-clicking its icon in

the Finder.
If Numbers is open, choose File > “New from Template Chooser.”